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Language Assessment & Referral Centre

Language Learning Starts Here


The YMCA-YWCA Language Assessment and Referral Center provides immigrants with English or French language assessments for government-funded programs. We are pleased to offer both online and in-person language assessments.

Our Services:

At the YMCA-YWCA Language Assessment and Referral Centre, we can help you improve your French or English language skills by providing you with:

  • Nationally recognized language assessments based on the Canadian Language Benchmark

  • Information on local language classes and support services (i.e. child care and transportation)

  • Referrals to government-funded language programs

  • Referrals to other services and programs in the community

Programs included in the government-funded Coordinated Language Assessment and Referral System (CLARS):

  • ESL/FSL: English/French as a Second Language

  • LINC/CLIC: Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada

  • BTW/PFR: Bridge to Work Programs/Placements

  • ELT/PAMEC: Enhanced Language Training (higher-level language training)

  • OSLT/FLAP: Occupation-Specific Language Training

Our Services

Who is Eligible?

Ontario Residents, over the age of 18, with one of the following immigration statuses:

Canadian Citizens born outside of Canada, whose native language is not English

Permanent Residents

Convention Refugees/Protected Persons

Persons in Canada whose applications for Permanent Resident status are being processed in Canada and who have been informed by a letter from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada of the initial approval of their application subject to an admissibility assessment

Refugee Claimants

Temporary workers or students who have obtained initial approval for a concurrent Application for Permanent Residence

Foreign domestic workers admitted under the Live-In Caregiver Program

Who is eligible?
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